Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I lift my eyes up....

September 15th

Hi all,

For those not sure where I am these days, I have moved to an apartment on Concordia- east of Lagimodiere. My furniture now has a fixed address!

What a year it has been.  Last September I started a course, only to have to withdraw.  I was fairly newly in love, only to have to stall.  I started a permanent surgical float position, only to leap from casual, to up north to back home and term. 

My northern employment turned out to be a full bodied experience- in nursing, in struggle, in professional protocols and in learning- but landed me back home and into that term surgical position.

Just settled into that, when my endometriosis history decided to leap forward again- and I was off work.  Waiting on surgery- and taking in my daughter’s wedding celebration from the sideline of limited health.

This surgical nurse got to experience pre-op holding in two other hospitals before healing from surgery and heading back to her own again.

Like I said, what a year it has been!

The breezy tone of the above paragraphs belies just how hard it was.

This morning, reflecting, I need to say this:  God leads.  He can lead through death; He can lead through conflict. He can lead through success and He can lead through failure.  He can lead through homelessness, joblessness- health-less-ness.  He can lead through love and He can lead through confusion.  He can lead through great armies of support and though loneliness.  He can lead through service and through inaction. 

The feelings that accompany all of these conditions- they rock and roll and elate and eviscerate a person.  But this I know.  Only God is big enough to be an anchor in it.  And only He loves enough to do it.




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