Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Friday, September 21, 2012

Count it all joy

I’ve been thinking about the learning I do from experiences.  My nature, and  by some of my training, I am biased to the idea that only reflection and articulation ensures we gain the most from our experiences.


But can that be true?


A toddler who burns her hand on a hot stove does not likely sit down and think out, “hmm, when I put my hand on that place it hurts, therefore I won’t do it again”.  The next time her hand passes over a hot spot, she most likely will just pull it back- without thinking at all. 


There IS a wisdom that is gained just from living…. Even if you don’t know what you’ve learned, or that you’ve learned.


Maybe this is an intrinsic gift to suffering and challenging experiences.  Maybe this gift is the basic benefit and all our thought processes that deepen our understanding are bonuses.  ( Grammar czars- should that be boni  like more than one focus would be foci ??) 


Anyways…..My gut’s telling me that even when we don’t think we’ve caught a clue from life, our soul, our mind and our body have.





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