Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27

Dear friends and family,
I've made it almost through my first month as a surgery nurse.
I am just starting to see that I may just get the hang of this. That is a huge relief.
Where once I considered myself a quick learner- the year of change I've had has certainly reduced my ability to grasp new things fast. All right, I suppose being 45 might also have something to do with it!
Soon I'll need to split that energy to accommodate cleaning up my yard.
Trusting that the nervousness I feel, the uncertainty ahead is not a fact. Trusting that I have been carried through much I would not have imagined I could deal with, and I will be still.
Thank you so much for your prayers, love and support!
Love, felicia
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