Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Work, Health, Kids, and Heart....

Mid way into week 3 of my new job.  Things I like?  Getting out and meeting the new moms, seeing the new babes, even immunizations.  J


There is – as most nurses complain about- a lot of paper work- most of which is now computer work.  But I am learning what the role is and I’m sure to be busier as the weeks go on.


I have been feeling pretty well, apart from tiredness…..something about long drives and no walks I think .  Recent testing revealed…..well- nothing.  It  showed no evidence of lesions. 

Hey, if I’m healed all of a sudden….fantastic!!!  But, if you know me this won’t be a surprise…..I did some more reading. MRIs are good at revealing deep lesions and endometriomas but not so good at revealing even large peritoneal surface lesions.  Still- I HAVE been pretty pain free since the 1st.  Answered prayer?


We just celebrated Brynlee and Mike’s wedding social on the 15th.  Many attendees put a lot of work into their costumes….and it turned out fun, apart from the minor mishap and resulting cast for one person.

Darragh is adjusting to Winnipeg- in the warmest October I can remember an Cammie is enjoying her classes.  Radar sure missed her at home, though.  Alissa had had her usual aches and pains and has not been feeling too great for a few days.  My niece Rebecca is the one sporting protective wear on her wrist.  What a dancer! 


My heart…..hmmm.   I’ve celebrated sunsets and sunrises, had some lonely cries, and lots of “just getting through” times.  Being tired sometimes precludes the kind of reflection I like to do. 

Just now, I wonder.  When someone loses a limb or sight, it takes a lot of energy to find new ways of getting around in the world.  Well, I’ve lost my husband- a part of me.  Maybe this is just the energy it takes to find my way around again. 


Underneath me, supporting me, leading me, putting up with me….is God.  A God who gives gorgeous sunrises and sunsets each day, to wow me.  A God who watches over my kids, who provides work I can step into.  There is so much ahead I can’t see, but I know the plans He has for me…. plans for good and not for evil, plans for a hope and a future.












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