Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 24

Dear friends and family


Another week gone by.  My job  is going OK.  I do get to see new babes and moms and give needles.  The people I work with are friendly.  I have beautiful drives every day.

But I have sighed a lot, too.  Sometimes it is because I miss home ,sometimes it is because I miss walks or my own space or the chance to space out seeing people and things I like over a whole week.  Sometimes it is because I wish I could be there more for my girls and sometimes it just is. Because this is life without Loren and it is lonelier.


I complain, too.  When I know I have much.


And sometimes I receive emails that encourage me.  Phone messages, people that invite me over or along….


Thank you.  Even when I don’t take you up on it, the invitation and the message really matters.  They remind me that I am loved.


I believe that at my core.  I believe that Love is the basis of life and for my life.  Love Truth Mercy Justice….words for God- names for God.  And these are what I have chosen to be about.

Perhaps these haven chosen me. 


So when day to day feels blahh, and I am sighing.  I still know there is reason.  I am committed to hope for joy.  It isn’t always easy.



Decide what you want to be about- and mean it.




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