Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Another night with more sleep than not. Thank you God.

I read that first chapter from the book by Max Lucado called Fearless. I generally take on challenges readily, and so didn’t expect to find much new in this book….and …I don’t think I have - but I did re-remember something. There is no fear in love.

When we know we are secure, we can love without reserve. Mostly, I know this. Partly, I still feel vulnerable - and – logic tells me that I am vulnerable. I have a lot on my plate emotionally right now and I can’t take on too many other challenges in that regard. 

In the story of Jesus calming the waves, he reminds his disciples that they are secure - they did not need to worry. But you now what? He didn’t just let the storm carry on. He calmed the waves. They didn’t have to prove they got the message right then. He knew what they could handle. The point of the whole thing was for them to remember in the midst of the storm that they are secure. It wasn’t to stretch them more than they could bear.

And I was reminded that I am secure.

The rain and wind may howl, tended gardens look dishevelled, and muddy rivulets make lines across my patio’s face but what was tended is still there, and can be put right again. 


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  1. Felicia,
    Don't be too hard on yourself. I think we often go easier on others than ourselves. When someone else suffers a loss we give them the time to be sad and grieve. Let yourself be sad, to everything there is a season...time will heal, but let yourself just "be".
    Thinking of you..Kim (Cowie) Novak


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