Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hi there,

I am slowly entering all the email addresses I have from Carla -  into a group folder so that I  can continue the email updates.

But for now...

Yesterday was a wonderful day.  My houseful of company filled the rooms with happy banter, nephews and son-in-law helping out with little projects and all the puppies in the world…ok - just 4 of them - chasing each other over the yard and greeting all comers to the house with exuberance!


Now off to curves….Sigh…

Ok- up and at ‘em….


You know, I covet your prayers. I am such an instinctive person and part of that means I sometimes make choices quickly. I intend to keep being me - responding to the moment...but I know I am vulnerable now. I will sometimes stumble - and sometimes I'll just look as if I'm stumbling. Mistakes are a part of learning and life is too short to live so carefully that you never make mistakes. You will miss to much by living so fearfully. But I covet your prayers. My instincts are both sharpened and exaggerated by grief and I still want to be wise.


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