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Loren & Felicia

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 2014

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It has been a long time since I have written anything for blogs- or updates....
It has been yet another eventful year. 
I try to live my life open to God's leading and responding to where He calls or sends.  I get it wrong sometimes.  Yet I trust that God honours this desire of my heart to serve Him, and will work good out of it anyways.
Three months into a new marriage, forged despite the fact that we each have children and  grandchild(ren) from our loved ones that died and despite the fact that I am a Mennonite and he is a Catholic- or that I am Canadian born and he is Polish......
I have been following where I am led.
Thinking of the wise men who followed a star to see where the Christ was born, I wonder about all the choices they made along the way.   A star in the sky and same ancient texts are hardly like a printed off Google map- and I bet their journey wasn't absolutely direct.  And, if you think about it, if they hadn't involved King Herod- maybe all those 2 year old boys wouldn't have been killed when Herod wanted to eliminate any future 'competition'.   Following a star in the East – ended up messier and with ripple effects that they couldn't have anticipated.
Another thing I'm thinking of.... those wise men who travelled that journey.... while they were gone- what of all the friends and family- and people who were used to having their input in their lives?  What of all the input the wisemen were used to having from all those at home?  Not available. 
In my new journey- that has brought love- a partner- and challenge into my life.... I am often missing dear ones, missing the familiar.  Broken traditions,  awkward new relations, a vastly altered schedule and available energy... a little of the ripple effect of this journey.  I am sure that I have miss-stepped along the way.   Change is hard on everyone- and none of us lives in a vacuum.  There is a lot for me AND my new husband to get used to.
So, friends, family,
forgive me where I get it wrong.
I am following the best I know... 

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