Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1

Dear family and friends.


Some of you know I have been off work for a month due to a bad endometriosis flare up.  I’ve had 5 trips to emergency for pain relief and am now taking some strong oral pain killers.  Eating greatly increases the pain.  A laparoscopic surgery is booked for June 14th….but I have already lost 18 pounds and I wonder how long I can go on just 500 calories a day. There is a possibility of surgery cancellation- but not a promise.

 I just heard from a Doctor’s office in Bend, Oregon.  Dr Redwine is a specialist in endometriosis and his goal is to remove ALL lesions- even deep ones via excision- not just laser-ing away the top. I contacted him in 2010 and had him do a chart review. 


There office today informed me that there is currently an opening for surgery May 22nd- but that the surgery is $9500, the St Charles Hospital charges $16000 for out of state patients, the anaesthetist, $1000 and another $1000 for …the OR? 

Total cost is $27500 US.  Of course- I would have to stay in Bend Oregon from May 20-25th and I would need someone to travel with me. 


I asked for a referral and for MB Health to cover this last year- and, after a long delay, was refused.  I am not yet covered by any benefits in my new term position at St Boniface . I sent an email to the Minister of Health pleading for some help.  They are looking into it.


So… what do I do?  Go into debt for a surgery?  Sell my car?  Wait it out?  The likelihood of needing additional surgery within 3 years if I have the same surgeon as for my 2009 oopherectomy- is very high.  


The likelihood of real and comprehensive relief from this specialist is also high. 


Please pray that I will be guided. 


Thank you,





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