Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 16, 2011

An earthly star ornamented with green and red in space?

Hello all,

November 11th I sent these words to a few friends and family: These last few years I have been privileged to attend the school of suffering. Loren's, my own, my kids', many dear friends', family, patients' and new acquaintances'. It is brutal and harsh, but hallowed ground.
It grows rooms in you that are deeper and wider than the largest coliseum. And they can fit a sea of love for people.  The hallowed ground of pain both expands and finely tunes your sensibilities.
 The breadth of God- and His breath- begin to be seen and heard, felt and smelled.
...Just thinking on this Nov-embrance day...
Love, f

This morning I am relaxing, waiting for my laundry to finish before going to visit my new employer and St Boniface to tackle paper work with both.

I just came back Monday from the above landscape.  The picture doesn’t do the place any justice-for the skies were amazing hues of blue and grey and mauve and the clouds had varying weights- as if their very textures were different.

The stately evergreens- rich contrast to the bright snow….

My time up north is not just a school of pain, but of beauty, and the camaraderie of nursing in an outpost, the grins of kids who laugh when you call an IV pole their buddy and support staff who show you the many ropes you don’t know.  I love being back as a nursing station nurse.


Love, gratitude and prayers,



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