Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Monday, July 25, 2011

july 25

I have always been a very introspective and reflective person. One would think that would mean my life was very careful, methodical and slowly paced.  One would be wrong.

My life is full and busy and major change seems a monthly occurrence….but that doesn’t mean I take no time to think, to reflect, to pray or to choose wisely.

In June, I started to date- Bill, a fellow widower.  How’s that for major change?  We have seriously hit it off…..and yes, he’s  been through the felicia questions, and musings and wonderings and cautions… :)

There was an endometriosis episode in June to re-deal with.  Seems manageable at the moment.

I am now 3 months into my job, and this is my 3rd fill in position… It runs out at the end of August and so I am thinking of tackling that ICU course again-as no suitable other positions have come available yet.

Last Friday, I was driving down Main ST to meet a friend for lunch when someone wanted my lane- and tried to take it- but I was still there.  I have learned what it is to have a really sore neck from a really minor accident.  You should have seen how much I grinned when I could turn my head properly again on Sunday afternoon!  Still, missed work, had a massage, and a physio appointment had to be booked.  The vehicle will get fixed sometime in August.

Tackling that insurance repair this week, so  there will be dust and mess, and paint happening. 

Daughters’ relationships continue…a wedding on the horizon for Ali…


And, who knows what else this year!!


Love, felicia


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