Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Thursday, February 3, 2011



Who should I be this month?


A year ago, I was a new grad, mom of 3 girls living at home,  and trying to sort out my northern nursing experience while making time to get away with my husband….finally enjoying 2 decent paychecks for the first time..ever.


In March, I went on leave to be with Loren….and we took some trips together.  In April, a daughter got engaged.  In May she was married and I became a mother-in –law.  In June Loren died and I was a widow.

In July I took my 20 year old to Rome- just after being quite ill myself. I gained a niece in my household.  In August I went through extended family angst and my sister status was questionable.  In September I took  a trip to Thunder Bay to see about becoming a Master’s student and came home to find daughter number 2 moved out.  In October I began a job 2 hours away and was often a guest in another home.  In November I tried on teaching as a guest in a nursing classroom.  In December, daughter 3 started bringing a boyfriend around.  In January I left my job to be a student in a critical care nursing course…..


Again….who should I be this month?



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