Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Thank you prayer and thoughts supporters!

I have been progressing in getting appropriate treatment and am in less pain these days. Some days we feel our human-ness more than others and it sure seemed like that for most of the day yesterday! I have a lot of wisdom - sometimes. Sometimes - not so much - and maybe - just maybe - sometimes those close to me also aren't brimming with wisdom either. People! Getting along is a challenge- yes- even for me. (Insert grin). But I had a really fun time at a joint birthday party last night. And some of the days stresses were well eased.

This morning I woke to puppy whimpers at a few minutes to 5. He settled briefly, and I just lay down - looking out my bedroom window and missing Loren. He would have loved last night. We were somewhat goofy - there was wine available, a pool table, two!, and lots of laughter and some good conversation - even some singing to the music. I and the other birthday girl had tiaras, THE amazing Lisa of organizer-extraordinaire fame had planned some great interactive games and a wonderful cake was supplied. Of course many of us had STUFF during that day - but most managed to be able to party anyways - maybe even because of. And I did get 5 uninterrupted hours of sleep afterwards! Yes!!!

New tasks for today:

Seeing MY Marla off to Wasagamack, getting my supposedly easier mymts.net account in shape, doing some advocate work, maybe a visit or two - and being grateful for all of the 45 years I've been given.

Much love

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