Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Thursday, July 1, 2010


And what a full day it was! Purposeful garden shopping and planning...followed by lunch at Captain Kennedy's Tea Room with kind friends and Cammie. A little planting and watering before driving out to Morden to visit with 'the other Phyl' and Wayne and Mrs. Banman. Throw in supper, a Flinstones version of a Go-Kart,  fire with some young lady's 'magic' powder and a big dog that needed a tummy rub - and you have a satisfying day!  Sure there are tears + memories. But love surrounds me. Amen.

Now the day is over - night is drawing nigh...shadows of the evening....


Oh Canada, our home and native land, true patriot love - in all thy sons command. With glowing hearts we see thee rise the true north strong and free....Ok God. Let it be so - that our true north is going to rise strong and free.


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