Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I woke early. I'm going to have to start getting a bit more serious about a night's sleep. I also only fell asleep around midnight. But my days have been good.

OK - the promised - and late,"more later":

Takin' care of business yesterday with quotes and things regarding the house. Good people. Honest people, and those who know their stuff. I started the day with a fabulous solid hour and a half of walking and talking with my school sojourner-pal Donna. And then there was the palliative care follow up. Wonderful!  She came, she watched the funeral slide show with me, she listened and she heard. Especially about how good and positive changes can happen if we learn from challenges. Thank you...I'll let you be anonymous - but you know who you are.
My gardens are trim. Thank you Richard. You did exactly right.

I have wonderful nieces and nephews. Rebecca, Tyler and Marissa hung out with their NON-EIGHTY FIVE YEAR OLD auntie yesterday evening.  Actually we all hung out with the dogs. Easily amused - we are.

And now today. There is therapy in pruning flower arrangements, sweeping floors, putting bags of clothes out for pick-up... especially as coffee brews and the dishwasher whirs. Even if it is at 6:30 in the morning.  It feels wholesome and simple.

Of course I still sigh. But I am looking forward. Loren already has. And that's where he is. I just have to look one day at a time - not all the way into the future.


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  1. You are beautiful, in your honesty and your spirit and your courage, Felicia. Thank you so much for sharing yourself in this way. You inspire.


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