Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another Day Done

This Thursday is different than last.

Starting with more sleep, and then full of appointments, errands, and business-type work. It amazes me how protected I am! Even traffic seems to part effortlessly for me these days. I am trying to live out a frank honesty in all these transactions - and I am rewarded with respect, courtesy and kindness. At least right now.

Our little bird - Alissa - lit out for Calgary this afternoon and Cammie looked at a house today!

Bryn and Mike are learning that even dogs sometimes have more baggage than you can know about from a single encounter... and Zephyr (a shepherd/border collie cross that looks more hyena-meets greyhound) may have to wait for a home with more space, someone home full time - and not other pets.

The day settles. Very quiet. Camie downstairs and just me, the clock and Radar as my keyboard clicks.


The sky a murkey sea of blue and trees
- a braced
To hold it up
The leaves do droop and branches
It is the calm 
Of this day's end.

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  1. Felicia,

    Thank you for sharing your heart on these pages. Your blog is the first place I go each time I open my computer. For some strange reason I feel a need to know that you are okay today - or perhaps I just need to know how to adjust my prayers. My heart grieves to think of your aloneness, knowing all the time that your are not truly alone. I remember my own journey, different, yet in some ways the same. The loss, the emptiness, the fullness, the overflowing, the devastation - such a mix of emotions. Know my dear sister that I uphold you in prayer as your sojourn along this never before traveled path.

    Someday if you awake and find yourself in need of a fellow sojourner to listen to your heart's cry I am here. Knowing one another is not a prerequisite to fellowship - knowing the creator and maker of our souls is.

    Please feel free to contact me through my email info@debwatson.net and I will send you my phone number.

    If you are comfortable, send me your email and we can visit that way. It is unnecessary to post this comment. It is written for you. Blessings and prayers. Love Deb


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