Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Monday, May 3, 2010

This Afternoon's Update


Finished some key chunks for the nursing presentation on Wednesday! It has been interesting sifting through old emails, snippets of conversations, reflections and articles saved over the last year. It makes me smile when I see (read) myself getting passionate about a point.  Yes, indeed, I DO love words.

It was a quieter morning. We went to just look at a house this morning - mostly because it was there… and had a visit with a neighbourly realtor.

Loren has finished staining what he can for today and is enjoying a nap. Feeling pretty good today, although his colour is perhaps not quite as good.

Heading off to St. Vital area for a bit. I need to put my limbs in at least SLOW motion before that Zumba class tonight!


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