Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Strength and Patience

Another good day. I was at the conference this morning for some good teaching, tried Ethiopian food for lunch and was back at the conference for a presentation.  It was well attended and we received good feedback. It felt really good to be in that element again.
Loren finished staining the table top and made some drawers for the laundry pedestals.  His blood sugars aren’t really behaving lately- but he doesn’t feel too bad.
WE have a talented and organized niece who helped sort out the room that used to be our bedroom today.  Loren had the privilege of listening to another niece’ songs and seeing her generous heart - she performed at Sam’s Place - just down the street from us.
One of the speakers at the conference spoke of strength and courage being needed to persevere….and patience.  Patience being one of the virtues that needs to be continually renewed.
As we walk along this road - each one in the house has their own road. Sometimes one is seeing boulders where the other sees  a  clear path, one is wading through water while another fights through thick brush… Sometimes that means one is nearly whistling while another’s voice is loud - because they can’t really see ahead to where you are….
It all requires patience.
Good night

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