Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Going Through

Spent today sorting through papers, cleaning up and thinking jobs and Masters programs. I guess all the travel, wedding and journey have caught up with me some, and I am tired and kind of low today. 

Cancer changes the lens from which you view everything, It is not that you can't appreciate things - but that perspective changes - awareness that time is limited. I know we are loved. I know my hurt matters... But there is no way round but through...

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  1. A story:
    There was once a group of people, a band of brothers, a fellowship, travelling together down a road. As they travelled, they had the sense that they were being pursued by an unseen enemy. Their strict need to keep moving forward caused them to press on as best they could, despite the time of day, the weather or their circumstances.
    On a certain dark night of their journey, it became apparent that there was an obstacle laying across the road ahead. As they drew closer to the obstacle, lit torches were passed forward. Women and men perused and touched and investigated the object. It was found to be the largest fallen tree trunk ever seen by this group. It's expanse stretched far beyond the road's boundaries, making it impossible to go around. It's girth was immeasurable making it impossible to ascend with their given equipment.
    It was determined that there was no way to deal with this impediment but to break through it -- and they had the means to do just that -- but it would require time, efficiency, scheduling, rest, cooperation and hard communal work. And so, they began, together, side by side, ........................


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