Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

God's blessings at Christmas to you.

Emmanuel. It might not look like it- but it was God with us that caused Mary's labour pains- pregnant, in labour, and only a stable floor to birth on.
It might not look like it but it was God with us, crying, flailing- asking Mary to nurse Him every 2 or 3 hours right after she gave birth on a dung odoured floor.
God with us.
Now why didn't that mean comfort and peace and joy that morning? Why did it mean discomfort and no sleep and pain?
Why did it start with pain and immediately continue to ask more of her.... Couldn't she just recover first- be able to bathe and have her supports in place before she had to be fully on duty?
How can it be that God with us means pain and a call to do more?
But it did
And it does.
And Mary is called blessed.
Wherever Christmas finds you this year and whether it be obvious or a mystery- God's blessings to you.
For unto you this day a Saviour is born.
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