Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Saturday, March 10, 2012

i will rise

To remember and hurt is an honour.  It recognizes the import love has.  But healing is necessary to move forward and to accept what is ahead for THIS day. 


Jonah often comes to mind- how – after he got to NInevah he was so frustrated with his life(that God had to make him look like a fool by getting him to do something and then showing grace) that he went out into the hot sun and wanted to die. He didn’t want to accept what God was doing next. Elijah comes to mind, too- just plain tired of trying to live for God- speak the truth- and still suffering for it- that he just wanted to go out into a cave and die.


But how does God react?  He sends Jonah a plant to shade his head, he sends ministering help to Eijah, an angel to get him to eat, and rest… and then- shows Himself. He doesn’t say, “ STuPID FOOL!  Here I am a great God and you know it- but you get tired and frustrated and discouraged!  How DARE YOU! “  He sends some ministering angel, plant, etc…and finds a way back into our consciousness so he can get us to get up and keep going.


Thank you for so often being God’s ministering angel.


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