Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

thwpttthhh! flustered and blustered but thrusted- forward

Dear friends and family,


Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  This course I am in is challenging and I am not nearly as sharp or as competent as I would like to be.  There was a time when I could ‘out-concentrate’ any lecture and  simultaneously start applying it to multiple concepts so that it would stick in my head.  Not so much right now. 


There was a time when I actually could get myself across town and early to class- in spite of the transit system or limited U of M parking.  Somehow my frozen fingers are keeping tandem with my brain- so that I drop keys, parking money, mitts, my phone, have to run back for my house keys, trip on the dog, spill my coffee and – even if I set my alarm an extra half hour earlier- STILL wander in 5 minutes late.


Turns out- sometimes a person can be late even if they have the utmost respect for their instructor or the complexity of the material. Turns out lack of concentration isn’t just about a lack of effort. 

Turns out – I may be juggling- but a ball or two may be dropped along the way.  Still, fumbling- stumbling on, I keep on.  The goals are worth it. 


Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  I need them.



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