Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fevered or Slowed, the life goes on.

How does one continually go from change to change to change and still know who they are? 


I am not sure. 


Some of the change that has occurred has been inevitable and unavoidable. Some changes that I involve myself in are just because of the pace of change in the lives around me, and some of the change is wilful.  That wilful change is sometimes out of wisdom- a determination to go forward and to do that which cultivates a good path in my life.  Some of the wilful change is or has been almost as much about distraction or an  attempt to manage something that might have a predictable trajectory. Thinking on changes that are interesting and plan-able  instead of dwelling on the unpredictable that appears to be a new normal.


It has been a wild week. My heart and head have had to deal with huge volumes of ….life. Starts and stops, new people, new learning, new environments and parking lots.  Solemn memories and glad ones.  Vigils and celebrations. Both  heart and mind have had to work hard. Compensatory mechanisms kicking in. Tears, laughter, sleepiness, wakefulness, high concentration and an absolute refractory period where no matter how many exciting pieces of knowledge come at me- none result in firing my synapses.  Compensating.  That can be a good thing….a protective thing……

(Couldn’t resist throwing in some allusions to my new course lingo J )


Maybe I don’t know what all I am- yet….but the centre will hold.  I know I love, I think, I trust.  I know that I will learn….and even should I veer off kilter a little- I will come back  to those knowns.   What powers me?  What sustains that centre?  That I am in the hand of Light, Love, Mercy , Justice, Truth….the essence of God.  Wherever these are, there is God.  And I am so wondrously been able to see these all around me.


Have a look round, people.  Your centre will hold, too.  You are held.







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