Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Returns, Beginnings, New Patterns, and Gratitude

Dear family and friends,


Thanks for all the wonderful words of support for my first day of my new job and return to work!


The trip out went well and the drive up from Portage is quite beautiful.  After a java fuel up at Tim’s, I travelled up the 16 and 50 with my new boss.  Sunshine on cows, brambly pastures and just enough curve in the road to keep you interested.


Introductions – to staff and to charting, orientation to the computer program, a shadowing trip out on home visits, with a chance to see and be seen in the community, lunch, more paperwork to read, orient tation to the hiring package…..all good!


IT was a quiet day in the health centre- just right for a beginning.


My first day was followed by my first dinner at Cammie and Darragh’s apartment.  I thought I might see how she managed to cook for all of us(me, Ali, Bryn, Mike and Rebecca)- but that is another first to come…..they ordered in Chinese food….:)


    It’s  another Saturday morning.  I’m getting used to them. It’s almost routine to wake up to the quiet and let the dogs out and bring in the paper.  I’m sitting on our new couch, looking at  Loren’s picture on the mantel, and today, it just feels OK.  Many Saturdays begin with a pang- it was a chance to just wake up together. Loren loved making big breakfasts on Saturdays; he would start on waffles or bacon and eggs,  and I often wouldn’t get up until I smelled the coffee brewing. Today, this is  a good memory, savoured in a reflective moment; the awful hurt of it  is eased.


    May peace and grace fall like rain on your day and rise up like the warmth of sun’s rays for you and all around you today.








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