Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grey Monday

A grey day, coolness in the air…and yet….not the harsh winds of January. Green still evident all around and it’s still possible to be outside in sandals.

A song from my childhood comes to mind as I think about the challenges just behind me and several right ahead….

Channels only, Blessed Master, but with all Thy wondrous power,
Flowing through us, Thou canst use us
Every day, and every hour.

Everything that comes through our lives can be useful for good.  We think we wouldn’t eat acid! That’s going to hurt and surely can’t be good!  But we eat oranges with ascorbic acid - truly abrasive - but that give us vitality.  So much do we value children, that we are willing to go through childbirth. 

So much do I want to live out the love and mercy, truth and justice I’ve been shown…..that I will walk into hard things with that aim. I will walk with that aim - but that doesn’t mean I don’t still carry some non-love, resentment, non-truth and injustice. But they aren’t my heart. 

Thank you for your prayers. I know I can be cryptic. Some of that is just who I am, some of that is to share my story while allowing others the choice to share their part of it or to not share. Even this I do imperfectly. But I am committed to share my story. To give expression to this journey.

We had a leadership class in Nursing - about using your voice. I have always felt an obligation as well as a desire - to use whatever I have been given.

- felicia

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