Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Work Musings:



   September – the fall- turns things.  It is a time of harvesting what has been sown-  a time in our country for new education to start and the return to work from summer vacations for many.  The weather turns cooler, days are shorter and evenings lengthen. 


And change is in the air for me.  It is time to return to work, to harvest the education and skills that have been planted in me.  Even though my spring and summer were full of heavy storms- it was a hearty crop that was planted in the first place.


I read a passage today from Mathew.  It talks about not expecting good fruit from bad trees and that good trees cannot help but produce good fruit.  We must nurture the good and prune the bad.  Of course, the chapter starts off with a warning not to judge.


But maybe considering the fruit of an employment environment is a valuable exercise.  What good is produced in the setting, in employees, patients, products, the community?  If there is good, it should be tended and nurtured.  If there is not, pruning might be in order. Maybe we have been looking for good fruit in the wrong place?  Of course, no work environment is likely to be completely good or completely bad.  What is the general direction?  Are the roots sound?


Sometimes we know these things, and sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes all we have to go on is what it’s produced in us.


And so, musing, praying, seeking…..

         I look ahead to work











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