Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Power of Grief

Grief is powerful - it isn't convenient or a great respecter of restraint. This is necessary to empty so big a loss. But it is painful. Painful to me and to those around me.
I've said before, and say again, I will get it wrong, hear things wrong, say things wrong. So will you. But the only way round is through. Wade into it before you can get to the other side.
I promise to forgive. I promise not to hate. I know that even in this - darkness cannot hide from Light. I must feel what I feel and express it. I will be corrected - but I cannot be silent. There is a time for silence - but silence now would tie a stone on my floundering heart.

Someone said - this is a time when what was knit together is becoming unknit - unraveled. Ripped stitches usually result in fresh blood. But when this is done - I will be knit up again - in a new way.
I write because so much about death and grief is hidden away and we - none of us - know what to think - what to feel - what to do. Yet we all must walk this sometime. I will share mine with you so that some of you may know what it was/is like for me. May it give you courage on your own journeys. May it help you to let out what you must feel. It will be different - but it will be grief - and that is common to us all.


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