Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Last Two Days....

Sunday Evening:

Still hiccupping and getting louder.  Brian came by to try a pressure point technique. Nope. I am waiting for a call back from the palliative nurse on call. This bout is over 3 and a half hours now. Options might include admission to hospital - but only for some specific treatment - not just to sit and wait there.

New med doesn't work. I just called palliative back. Sigh. Loren sounds uncomfortable and moans when he is asleep - still hiccuping - but is calm when I touch his shoulder and he wakes.

Sleep at last - the hiccups stopped.

Sunday Late Night:

And that didn't last long... headed to Riverview to try to get Loren able to sleep.

We'll try another med.

Blessed be His name in the road marked with suffering - tho there's pain in the offering - blessed be His name.
My throat is so full of tears that it hurts to swallow. We are born - and we die - needy. My love is so tired. Without any complaint - calmly - he endured all those hours of hiccups - only in his sleep do I hear the moans of suffering. He was groggy on admission to Riverview - but when the nurse asked if he had any valuables along - he said "Just my wife".
And finally they stopped. Loren is asleep.

When we come into this world people love to touch our fingers and curl them round theirs. I find myself reaching for Loren's now. 

Loren may be here in hospital for a few days - he's pretty groggy from all the meds - and from his high blood sugar.

8:30 a.m. Monday

We stopped to fuel up with Starbucks-to-go for Loren and the night crew (2nd shift) and relieve Mom + Dad.

Loren had some new anti-nausea meds before 3 and was able to sleep hiccup free from 3-5. Pain is increasing - morphine requested 3 times since 5. But much much clearer in mind. Starbucks coffee seemed to stop the hiccups and he is sleeping now.

Thank-you to all of you who came and helped, to those who prayed and helped and to those who helped others help. I know I am missing some - but I am grateful. Very.

I went home, had a bath, some yogurt and a glass of wine and crawled into bed before setting my alarm. I think I turned the TV on- but it was off when I woke up to my ride (Eric) ringing the doorbell. I opened my eyes and thought everything was normal - me hogging the bed while Loren made breakfast - and then I remembered...

Please pray for our kids, too.

10:30 a.m. Monday

Prayer, a bit of yogurt - the chaplain Al and our Al dropped by. And the hiccups stopped. And oh how grateful we are!  But the reflux is very bad.

12:30 p.m. Monday

Loren says, "need a haircut pretty soon.Thanks for continued support and prayer. Even though we go through tough times we feel that prayer and we are so aware of your support + love for our family. God bless "

Afternoon Monday

Loren says "Now I'm snorting" because he is taking sufentanyl up the nose, a type of morphine, fast acting. This seemed to do the trick. Pain is a 3 or 4 out of 10. The "pink lady" (antacid) and the sufentanyl helped the hiccoughs subside and afforded Loren some sleep.

Early evening:

Loren's hiccoughs are milder with the injections of Maxeran- and he can have a pink lady every 4 hours if needed. 

Cammie is snuggled up with Loren in bed. We're all going to see if we can catch a few minutes sleep.

Loren will be spending another night at Riverview.

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  1. Dear Loren, Felicia, Brynlee, Ali & Cammie

    My heart grieves with you and for you. My heart cries out too soon, too soon. The hiccups, they are a form of torture - unfair by my standards. Yet I know the One who has ordained Loren's days and I know that He too is grieved with your pain. I lift each of you up before the throne and ask for traveling mercies as you journey on this difficult path.

    This Psalm was written by the late Joe Bayly
    "A Psalm While Packing Books"

    This cardboard box
    see it says
    Bursting limit
    200 lbs per square inch.
    The box maker knew
    how much strain
    the box would take
    what weight
    would crush it.
    You are wiser than the box maker
    Maker of my spirit
    my mind
    my body.
    Does the box know
    when pressure increases close to
    the limit?
    it knows nothing.
    But I know
    when my breaking point
    is near.
    And so I pray
    Maker of my soul
    Determiner of the pressure
    upon me
    Stop it
    lest I be broken
    or else
    change the pressure rating
    of this fragile container
    of Your grace
    so that I may bear more.

    Know that I am praying throughout each day for you. Reminding God of what He already knows, that you are fragile. Reminding God that the pressure nears the limit. Asking God that His grace abound and His presence be tangible. Asking God to strengthen each of you, so that every precious moment might be embraced, cherished and hidden deep within your hearts.



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