Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Felicia Graduates with Family - What a Day!

What a day...started with good that included a snuggle and Loren spending 2 and a half hours with Bryn in the shop. I had a great walk with Donna and then my marvelous sisters and sister-in-law came to celebrate my convocation day. But Loren was feeling awful. Still - we had speeches a cap and glasses and cake!  We laughed - and Loren tried to rest- and we ate chocolate cake - and called for better meds. Then I had the chance to have cap and gown photos - the real kind- with a favorite prof and friend. And Loren posed for a few pics- although he was starting to feel worse. More meds ordered. Randy and Bev came to make supper. Bev and Eric and Brynlee made med runs. And now for gravol - too. 

It feels like a pharmacy here. But we have people to call!  This is really good. Thanks Linda for chicken soup- and the hot water bottle. Used today.
What is life but a crazy mix of all types of events and emotions and weather?
Hold us up with your prayers,


From Felicia's Facebook Page:

Today I sit beside my husband to give him strength who gave all of his strength for me. With tears, love, gratitude and sorrow...


We just came from Loren and Felicia's. Loren's pressure and discomfort have increased. Nausea has also been part of the equation today. As a result, meds will be raised. Please continue to pray.


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