Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Monday, May 24, 2010

On Our Way

A ride is secured from the airport. Thanks for the offers but our Dad is on it


Snoozing girls around us - Loren had the most sleep last night and is reading up on all of Delta's planes. It has been a good trip and we are grateful. So nice to see Loren looking comfortable today. We go back to think about what comes next. Loren will want to start on the hope chests. I need to start thinking about my job. Cammie is prepping plans for when Darragh, her Irish boyfriend, immigrates to Canada and Ali needs to line up a knee surgeon.

We are learning - all plans need to be held loosely.
What awaits us?
How many of you out there carry a burden - a worry - or a challenge that impacts your outlook for the day?  Most, whether we realize it or not. Share it - it really does lighten the load. We draw such strength from the love, prayers and thoughts on our behalf - God's love evidenced to us.
He knows the time for joy and truly
Will send it when He deems it meet
When He has tried and purged thee duly
And finds thee free from all deceit
He comes to thee - all unaware -
And makes thee own His loving care

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