Loren & Felicia

Loren & Felicia

Sunday, May 23, 2010

All Done

What a scorcher.  There were sooo may more people at the park today. But we took in Indiana Jones stunt show, the Backlot Tour, the Great Movie ride and the AWESOME Rock'n Rollercoaster.

But getting through the crowds in that heat was work and we were all baked through by 3:30. Back to the pool and naps!  Bryn and Mike stayed to take in Tower of Terror and we think they're joining us any minute for supper. We head for the airport at 5:30AM tomorrow....so no more Disney for us.

It has been interesting, fun, new experiences and lots and lots of hot sun this week. None of us got here without challenges...lost luggage, delayed flights, mixed up destinations...damaged rental cars, wrong directions and cabbies who don't know the area. But we all found each other, had time together and got to experience Disney world. 

It has been hard for Loren to sit in a wheelchair, harder still to just feel tired, but really, really good for him to be here with his kids and to laugh and enjoy time with the Boormans. They have been fabulous...driving...pushing wheelchairs...navigating the parks...and willing to go back to the villa whenever Loren needed to.

Kids have all gotten along.  Even been thinking of gifts for each other! 

We have some cloud this evening - and it is a reprieve from the heat - perfect to wind down this vacation and turn our minds toward home.

Big thanks to Mike's mom Cheri for watching Radar when Cammie spent the extra day here. And we have these memories - laughs at faces on rides, beautiful fireworks, U2 blasting on the radio on the way home... watching Ali giggle with Joccie...Hearing Loren's wit - maybe less frequently than usual - but there...and his awesome bacon...(thanks Erv for showing him how it's done).

We didn't shop - so this blog and whatever pics I post will have to suffice for souveniers for all those loved ones out there.

Loren's eyes are brighter, just up from the nap....supper in 10 minutes...

Good night all...


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